We Italian Patch 0.9

– Fixed name for all leagues and cups;
– Added all real Bundesliga (names, managers, logos, kits and stats) with also real cup and super-cup;
– Corrected the names of all the teams and players of the nationals fake (Europe-Africa-North / South America and Asia-Classics) with convocations of real players instead of duplicates (when released) and Classic;
– Setted the names announced in the commentary for the English teams, for the Bundesliga teams and for the Italian Serie B teams;
– Unlocked new teams;
– Assigned real balls for all leagues and cups;
– Remove all players and teams duplicated;
– Unlocked players eliminated from the DLC 1.00;
– Fixed a lot of tattics and wrong numbers:
– Created a lot of players that in game there weren’t;
– Facts many transfers of the winter market and not only;
– Fixed a lot of Konami errors, goalkeeper gloves, wrong boots, short sleeve or long (like Cassano use a long sleeve with black gloves);
– Added stadiums name for all teams of Premier League, La Liga, Italian Serie B, Serie A, Bundesliga, jLeague and Primera División (Chile);
– Added banners for all teams of Premier League and some teams of italian Serie A and Serie B;
– Added all real jLeague (names, managers, logos, kits and stats) with also real cup and super-cup;
– Added all real Primera División de Chile (names, managers, logos and stats) with also real cup and super-cup;
– Created in Other European 23 teams with all real stats;
– Fixed a lot of player that had all default stats at 40;
– Fixed a lot of tactics;
– Put all name in lower case;
– Added Javer Zanetti in World Classic;
– Fixed many backshirt;
– Fixed all players with “2” after the name and other players with fake name in South America leagues;
– Remove to many player the double teams;
– Fixed natonality for chilean and japan teams;
– Fixed name, stats and logos for new 3 japan teams;
– Changed goal celebration for some players;
– Fixed a lot of name for players with wrong names;
– Setted a lot of rival teams;
– Corrected, renamed and fixed a lot of managers;
– Renamed a lot of players;
– Add many names announced in commentary for many players and setted to they;
– Converted a lot of players from Football Manager;

How to install

– The patch is compatible with DLC 4.00 (European version, if you don’t have it you can download from this link DLC 4.00, if you don’t have also link for download DLC 3.00 european versioneDLC 3.00, DLC 2.00 european version DLC 2.00 and DLC 1.00 european version DLC 1.00) and KONAMI patch 1.03 (just included in patch);

– Insert all files of the Documents-WIP inside Documents \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 \ WIP (if you don’t have this folder, create it);

– After downloading all the files should you do about all “EXTRACT HERE” so you see the path where you put them already, however, all files (except those of the Documents-WIP) to go inC: \ Program Files (x86 ) \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 and C: \ Program Files (x86) \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 \ download, however you will have folders that will indicate where to place the files

– Run WIP2015.exe and fun;


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