Patch 2016 1.0

- Compatible with Konami's DLC 2.0.
- All the competitions have been correctly renamed.
- Renamed all the non-licensed teams.
- Real name and nationality for all the coaches.
- Real name for all the classic players and fake national team players.
- All the stadiums assigned to their respective teams and national teams.
- All the adboards linked to their respective competitions and teams.

Option File:
- Added 100% Bundesliga teams.
- All the balls correctly assigned to their respective competitions.
- Sleeves badges have been linked to their respective competitions as well.

This patch has a mega-compilation formed by a total of 1303 player faces and hairs, all in a very high quality and 100% tested in game. A collection done with a very thorough selection, always choosing the best face of each player, and his more recent hair.

- Added kits for all the national teams, classic national teams, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie B, and some Championship teams (Brentford, Burnley, Cardiff City, Fulham, Huddersfield Town, Ipswich Town, Middlesbrough, Nottingham Forest, MK Dons FC, Reading, Rotherham United, Wolverhampton Wanderers).
- Replaced all the referee kits by the original ones, all in a very good quality.
- All the sleeves badges have been modified by the official ones in all the competitions.

Added 24 gloves in the game, among which are the most used brands and models.

The patch has a pack formed by the 100 more used boots by the next players in the world, increasing the default collection already included in the game.

Big compilation formed by the official balls of all the competitions included in the game,
Gran recopilaciĆ³n formada por los balones oficiales de todas las competiciones (tanto de equipos como de selecciones) incluidas en el juego, and the respective models for the winter season.

- All the team, national team, and leagues logos are in HD. In addition, all the non-licensed teams logos have been replaced by the original ones.
- Nations flags replaced by the logo of their respective federations.
- All the competition logos have been replaced by the real ones.
- Added TV logos in Exhibition, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Recopa Sudamericana and AFC Champions League.
- Added Canal+ replay logos for exhibition and league matches.
- Button and gamepad replaced by the Playstation 4 ones.
- Improved some secondary graphics, like nets, supporters, rain effect, or offside line.
- New background for screens: "Press any button", "Loading", "Edit".
- Real pictures for Liga BBVA, Liga Adelante coaches.

Audio + video:
- New intro movie for Europa League.


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