PTE Patch 2018 3.0 AIO

- Bundesliga 2017-2018 Fully Licensed - Squads, players stats, faces, tactics, kits, fonts, minifaces, etc.
- Serie B 2017-2018 Fully Licensed - Correct teams names, logos and kits
- New kits for Napoli & Benfica
- New tattoos, including: M. Hamsik, Giroud, Carvajal
- Updated all managers based on the latest Live Update
- New stadium/teams adboards added
- New players mini-faces added
- New scoreboards for EPL, LaLiga & Bundesliga added 
- Compatible with the latest KONAMI Data Pack (2.0)
- Latest Live Update (14/12/17) implemented

To play with created teams like Bayern Munchen, turn off the live updates.


Tunizizou (tools), zlac (tools), PES Logos (Logos), Cesc (Minifaces), (Minifaces), Sho9_6 (tattoos), Hawke (Referre kits, tattoos, balls), Ginda (Selector, scoreboards), PES World (kits), Prince Hamiz (tattoos), Marcéu (tattoos), Amir.Hsn7 (tattoos), DrDoooMuk (adboards), Txak (adboards, laliga 123 kitpack), Ketchup Gamers (Brasileirao players fake names), rkh257 (minifaces), 4N63L_77 (laliga 123 kits), ggblues (laliga 123 kits), Buffon99 (Serie B Kits), chosefs (adboards), majuh (adboards)


Download:!WVkhkA6a!34okv3V1ohjUrRq8aaJ0ZBG-b2bdc9rrl448otRNCDw - part 1!3YtRwQoA!fe9xlVnThHcYpOGNoa_3UaNuaw2hU8asvBE59CpOuPI - part 2

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