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 One of the best football games out there, Pro Evolution Soccer, is set to release a new installment named PES 2016 in just a few months. Set to release on the 15th of September for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4, the game is set to provide an entire range of new, exciting gameplay opportunities and a ton of other nice addition to the already fantastic PES experience.

In fact, recently Konami has provided us with some new details in regards to how Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will actually be, and what new things are coming to it ! First, it’s important to note that PES 2016 marks the 20thyearly iteration of the game, which means that now we will be able no less than 20 years since the franchise is active, which is very impressive.

What’s really nice about the new installment is the fact that they try to go back to the roots while also providing some truly interesting, modern elements that will establish the series unlike never before. The game keeps its really nice Fox engine that provides a lot of action and complete commitment to high quality, but at the same time a few extraordinary changes will come in the form of the Master League which is set to redefine the game as we know it. Also the game try to retain its title as Best Sports Game as voted accross the world in 2014 and keeping slogan The Pitch is Ours.


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Gameplay improvements

One of the major changes that comes with the new PES is definitely the advanced collision system, and now the title actually calculates the player interaction with complete precision, offering a more realistic impact and thus a higher quality gameplay experience with unique elements.

The new physicality system - aerial strength implemented in the game allows the air battles to be a lot more fun. You can battle the opposition a lot faster and you can even engage in headers or volleys in a fun manner. The use of left stick was changed for this game feature.

Even the 1v1 control - interaction was improved quite a lot, since now the players are being able to access more movements and the experience is a lot more interesting because of that. The response time is better and thus maneuvering is of a higher quality which is a major plus. Timing as well as technique can lead to balance loss, something that brings in a portion of realism.

The new Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will also provide you with a much better AI that intelligently handles any situation. Prepare to lose the ball often as the AI is improved exponentially and thus it will make the game sessions a lot more difficult.

Moreover, the title also focuses on offering you a perfect, very reliable defense mode which allows you to counter enemies in a much better fashion, not to mention that you also get to deal with a fun feature that appears in the form of Goal Keeper Parameters.

For some players, a wonderful new feature "celebration control" will come in the form of some cool celebrations that appear right after scoring. Each action is unique, and thus you will have a lot of fun exploring them.

Goal Keeper ID improves quality and performance during keepers interactions like catching, clearance, collapsing and deflecting. At the final result, there will be more types or players. Some of them will be better in punching a ball than catching.


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PES 2016 features changes

Aside from the refined features, there are some major changes that appear in the series as well. For example, PES 2016 allows you to access a new Master League where players can immerse themselves in the football management world. One of the best mode, really favourite one for single-player has a new reworked menu and great transfer system providing realistic experience.

On top of that, the visuals are spruced up a lot, with the Fox Engine being pushed to the limits. An interesting addition comes in the form of night time lighting and real turf textures which is really nice.

They also introduced a new feature in the form of Dynamic Weather which is really good and suitable for a wide range of situations that you can encounter. Ball speed, passing or players interactions especially 1 on 1 will be influenced by weather condition.

For many fans though, a massive improvement comes in the form of a much better set of human motions, so the animations are indeed a lot more refined than the previous version. As a result, the gameplay has a lot to benefit from that, since you will be able to see the ball clearly and at the same time you can fool the opponents in order to score. Distracting the opposition will allow you to score more and differentiate yourself a lot faster and better as a whole.

Better ball physics are included with Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 as well. The earlier versions did have quite a lot of new ball physics, but the new installment focuses a lot on providing a much better level of realism, which leads to a higher quality set of results and a stellar outcome.

All of these combined show that the game does indeed manage to bring in an immense set of new features into the mix, while also maintaining some of the old ones, which is cool.


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PES 2016 news

The myClub feature will introduce some nice features in the form of player level systems, not to mention that you can now be a manager for the team if that is what you want.

In addition to then above, the game camera is set to be dynamic and thus you will always get the best perspective on the ball. The camera actually tilts and pans on its own without any help, offering you the highest quality insight towards the entire experience.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 also has some new commentators as well, Peter Drury and Marco Hagemann being the new additions to the Germany and UK team matches. New voices and stories will be some of the greatest additions for PES 2016.

If you play the game on a PS4 or PS3, you will have the opportunity to import images right inside the game, which leads to a much more realistic team kit and other similar features!

As you would expect, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 also maintains the UEFA Champions League licenses, mainly thanks to a new partnership that the title has with FIFA.


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What do you think about Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, is it a game changer? With many changes and some cool revamps of the older features, the title is set to be one of the best football games that arrive this year, and thankfully we are not that further from achieving that goal, thanks to the new PES 2016 game.


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