PES patches and free Konami updates for download

PES 19 Smoke Patch 11.0.5

New Japanese league with added remaining 14 teams, completed Champions League teams, fully compatible with Konami Datapack 3.0 and new packs including stadiums, boots and in-game fixes.

PTE Patch 2019 3.1 All-in-one

The latest kits for English Premiere League teams Chelsea, Manchester City and others, national kits, new bootpack, minifaces and updated Konami Datapack 3.0 with Live Update.

PESGalaxy 1.0 Patch 2019

First version of popular PESGalaxy Patch 2019 with complete 1. Bundesliga, updated stats and corrected in-game features like kits, replaced fake players, added official DLC and Live Update from Konami with online compatibility.

PES Smoke Patch 2019 11.0.1

First version of PES 2019 Smoke patch also names as Execo updates all in-game players and teams with correct names, real faces, new boots and kits. Official Konami datapack updates are included.

PTE Patch 1.2

Second version on PTE Patch 2019 patch updates kits for English, Spanish and other popular teams, adding new balls, managers photos and compatibility with the latest Konami datapack and update.

PTE Patch 1.1 All in one

Second release of PES 2019 PTE Patch contains Newcastle away and Uruguay kits, fixed juventus kit font, sleeve badges and latest konami updates.

PS4 Option file v1 by PES Universe

PES Universe option file PS4 includes HD kits for in-game players, La Liga, Seria A, Premiere Leagues and other leagues with fixed stadiums and manages.

WEHK 2019 Option file

Add more licenses for your PES 2019 with WEHK Option file 0.1 for Xbox One and PS4, many features which wil improve your overall game experience like logos, emblems and much more.

Smoke Patch X 2019

Next version of smoke patch (1.0 - X) with update leagues, stadiums and summer transfers for PES 2019 PC players available free to download and compatible with Konami updates.

PTE Patch 2019 1.0 AIO

First version of PTE Patch 1.0 AIO for PES 2019 comes with updates for Premiere League, La Liga, Seria A, fully licensed and corrected fake names for players, new players and much more.

PES 2019 update download

From the early beginning of soccer series, Pro Evolution Soccer has lack of official licenses (especially FIFA). Because of unreal players names, missing transfers, stadiums, kits, boots and more including inaccurate start, theirs is a little worse gamers experience. Anyway, there’s available mode to edit in-game content, create new stuff or alter existing. On the other side, big fans community do this job much better. There have been some issues, when some big editing groups ended releasing new content, but always there are many other authors that you can support.

Many pes 2019 patches are available for PC (Windows users) or options files (Xbox, Playstation) fully free to download and install or just easily import as standard files. Our team try to select only the best and high quality ones for page listings and improve links which sometimes refers to various ads sites. There’re more windows from which you can select link. Paying for any kind of membership to get patches is not recommended.

Before installing anything new, please backup your actual files to prevent craches, errors and data loose. Please refer to the information, install only when your game is clean without any previous edits. Updates need to have general version copied first. DLC and datapacks are official Konami releases which contain new content or fix bugs and issues reported by gamers and for Steam or console version, you can get them visiting menu or clicking on popup after game start.

Players can look forward to play with the favourite teams in competitions like English Premiere League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Serie A including Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus, or replaced UEFA Champions League for this year. Try to beat teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Napoli, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United or City with corrected information. Beside that, improved details like tatoos (Neymar,…), emblems, logos, real managers  also for national teams, minifaces, referees, scoreboards and winter or summer transfers. Popular tools like pes selector gives you opportunity to switch between modes and additional squads because of limited slots from developers. Enjoy better soccer experience with your favourite game and edits.


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