Official news, PES 2021 will be released as season update for lower price

Similar news were quite expected but now it's official. Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 will be released with no new core gameplay features, but only with updated season. 

Due to lack of time for game development this year and upcoming next-gen, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, developers already work on title which will be built on Unreal engine and bring whole new level of graphics (photorealistic visuals) and gameplay experience.

PES 2021 will be sold in psyhical form and also available to download from the internet. FC Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern and Arsenal will be included in special Club edition featuring club-specific-content, game menu, myClub squads, iconic moment series players, kits and more. Veteran bonus will be for players who achieved this in previous eFootball. Unfortunately, AC Milan and Inter Milan will be missing due to lack of licenses.

The release date is set on 15. of September 2020 and the price for classic edition is set to 30 and 35€ for team edition.


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