Configuration manual for PES 2020 PC controls

Every year, there are some changes in gameplay and controller settings. In order to use the newest features without having a console device at home, players can easily change PES 2020 PC controls using installed additional program. Using correct buttons, you can improve basic in-game actions like players movement, shooting, passing, free kick, penalty kicks or do some special tricks with a ball.

Beside this configuration, there is a possibility to change the sound, video, camera, assistance and more options and their default values.

If you have experience from early releases of Pro Evolution Soccer, you definitely remember that struggle to bind current keyboard buttons to console controller. Of course, playing on Xbox or Playstation controller is most of the time more comfortable and easier but for PC, the keyboard is the most used by a big group of players.

Playing the game that way is still fun and the only disadvantage is during controlling power gauge when shooting. Wireless devices ad more comfort, so in the result, it’s just up to you, what device you choose.

How to change PES 2019 PC controls

During the game installation process, you can choose the final system directory path, where the game will be installed. If you are a Steam user, it’s gonna be probably save game library directory which can be found in Steam preferences and it’s being shown also during first steps during installation process.

Anyway, usually, just navigate to C: drive and Program Files (x86 – x64) folder and lookup for Konami folder with Pro Evolution soccer inside. Default Steam path could be as following one, C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2020. Try finding and opening settings.exe file, which is a small application where you can change keyboard settings and another preference.

Quick guide about how to fix issues when PC controller is not working

First of all, check your device status if it’s connected. The next tip is to configure settings.exe, which can be an issue also in some cases if you miss this file. When experiencing this kind of problem, try reinstalling the game or open properties in Steam and try to validate in-game files (cache).

Problems during a match can be easily fixed by assigning the controller to the right team you are currently playing for. This can be changed in a quick menu during match pause or before creating a match game. For co-op play, controllers need to be assigned to both teams in order to play against each other correctly.


Basic keyboard controls configuration


  • Y – through ball
  • B – Lofted pass / Cross
  • A – Low pass
  • A – Shoot
  • LB + Y – chipped through ball
  • 2x B – low cross
  • L + RT – close ball control
  • L + 2x RB – Speed burst
  • Movement arrow + A + Y – 1 – 2 pass (quick ball return from a teammate)

Out of possession

  • RB – dash
  • Y – Bring out goalkeeper
  • B – slide tackle
  • A – pressure
  • X – clear / instruct players to apply pressure
  • 2x X with active holding – two or three player will pressure opponent
  • RB + B – Chase down an opponent player
  • 2x A – tackle (stealing a ball from an opponent, in case of fail there’s a foul)
  • L + RT – Jockey (movement lock and opponent tracking)


  • press 2x A or block pressing B
  • Move with goalkeeper holding Y.
  • B - drop kick
  • RT + B - High kick
  • A - Throw
  • Y - Throw into space
  • RB - Put down a ball
  • Fake pass – make a pass and right after pressing cancel with A


  • Aerial battles – hold RT in order to control more precisely players' position.
  • Fast move with left – right arrows will make a small body feint.
  • With directional buttons (non-stick ones) you can control the defensive line position.
  • Right directional button to active offside trap. 
  • Defensive wall jump – hold B until the strike. 
  • Prevent wall jump – hold A until the strike.
  • Goalkeeper manual tackle – press 2x A or block pressing B.


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