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Popular soccer game Pro Evolution Soccer is known for its lack of official licenses. Missing real players names or clubs do not need to be an issue anymore if you try community patches. Do you prefer playing on a console device like Xbox One or Playstation 4? If so, you should definitely try PES 2020 option file. Content is similar to the PC version but with some differences which include downloading and installation process. With this special file, you can get real managers, rosters, licensed stadiums and players with their kits, boots, faces and much more.

Recommended sources for downloading option files

If you use any website search, there are plenty of results including sites and community forums that post Pro Evolution Soccer patches. Some websites require user registration or contain a lot of noisy ads. After finding good source, there can be hidden links with other ads and annoying redirections where you need to wait before downloading. On worse occasions, files can contain malware content which should not be a big issue for console owners but it’s not guaranteed, these files will work.

On our site, in the patch section, we usually post chosen more quality content, including patches for Xbox and Playstation. If you don’t want to install anything, there is also the possibility to edit in-game content on your own.

The game offers the possibility to customize user data profile. Edit management can be found in the game menu after starting the eFootball – Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. Players can change various stats, names, rosters or create their own teams and soccer players. If you update any data, it will be available only in offline matches while online matches keep the same data for all connected players. After saving changes, you can start playing with customized content.

Another option is to get and import online patch file. If you don’t know how to keep reading the next article section.

Easy instructions to install PES 2020 option file for Xbox One

Find any available update, for example, pes universe, read the description and if you like it, try downloading using included links. View listing on our patch page.

  1. Unpack all files from the archive if it’s included. You can use software like WinRar, WinZip or 7zip to unpack files with extensions (.zip, .rar, .7z).
  2. Copy unpacked files on a USB drive, create some folder before copying them in order to find more easily.
  3. Plug-in USB into your Xbox One, start the PES 2020 and try finding import option through the game menu (Edit – Data Management – Extras section).
  4. There can be more options so pick correct import type (Team, Competition) and files from a specific folder.
  5. Image content needs to imported also manually.
  6. After the installation, don’t forget to save your game profile.

Do you miss any other licenses? Unfortunately, the only way is to wait for official Konami updates which usually fix bugs, patches with fresh addons and summer or winter transfers or regularly check for newer versions of your favorite patch, just bookmark a page or remember the author and its label. Meanwhile, PC players have a little advantage when dealing with patches, console players can enjoy more comfortable experience and usually better graphics quality also with dedicated controllers.


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