PES 2019 Xbox controller

The game controller developed since 2000 is one of the most favourite gamepads which has been ever made. For the newest version, Xbox One offers great experience. First generation was nicknamed as Duke. Next release was by the end of 2003. So little to history facts. Let’s look at PES 2019 xbox controller settings. There’s no need to configure any complicated stuff. Just check your device status, when using wireless type, turn on and connect with console (or computer if playing on xbox controller for Windows USB). Control modes are mostly divided to two groups, some button configuration when shooting or defending is changed. Choose your favourite settings in system settings which can be accessed through game menu in extras section.

If you experience any problems, check gamepad connectivity (battery level) or cable. We do not recommend throwing your xbox controller against wall if you loose some situation, match or any kind of rage situation. Information bellow show button binding for player control and special options.

pes 2019 xbox controls

Advanced Xbox controls for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

  • Notes: circle button – C, square – S, triangle T, X
  • Direction can be changed with left or right stick (or directional buttons)
  • When you hold X during defensive work, you can pressure your opponent, R1 + X for teammate support
  • Weighted pass skill can be used for long balls with better accuracy
  • Low pass is able when holding L1 before pressing T
  • Quick ball return after pass L1 + X -> T
  • Chipped return pass L1 + X -> L1 + T
  • Teammate control, hold L1, then push R and release, after holding L1 again and pushed R your can control your teammate
  • Run out with goalkeeper with hold T
  • Throw ball into space with T
  • Fake pass – pass -> press X
  • Goalkeeper dash R1 + hold X
  • Goalkeeper control, push L, then C to make dive or L + twice X to get down and make tackle
  • For tackle, press X 2 times to try get the ball back
  • Ball control is reduced when dribbling with pressed R1 (L stick + R1)
  • Skills and feints can be done using R stick
  • Keep an eyes on your opponent with close control, press R2
  • Speed burst – L + R1 two times pressed
  • Teammate automatic pressure, hold S
  • For set pieces, hold C until the free-kick for jump, to prevent, hold X
  • Goalkeepers positions can be adjusted during set priece holding down T
  • To cancel any action, press R1 + R2
  • For high balls, adjust position using L while holding R2
  • Strategy preset can be changed with directional up or down buttons



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