PES 2019 Tunich Patch

After we have already listed two biggest PES patches, now it’s time to look to Tunich Patch. A little younger community of editors but the result could compare to the other ones mentioned previously. Beside that, authors made some interesting tools like AntiLag program, easily imported to data files and improving smoothness of gameplay for players who play on 720p resolution. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to know how to install updates and that’s why almost every version contain youtube video as a tutorial in description showing steps to set up your game, by using CPY or Steam for PC.

General version of PES 2019 tuning patch contain the latest Konami Datapack and DLC. They add special official content like new players boots or updated transfers after winter or summer period. Many reported issues and bug fixes are being fixed for offline and online game mode. Update is compatible with Pro Eovlution Soccer myClub and others.

First version 1.0 tries to fix incorrect information as leagues, competitions, players, managers, faces and so on. Additional updates also for emblems, formations, various badges, game structure, new adboards, balls, boots, chants, customized menu, kits, tattoos, scoreboards and even corner flags with improvements. That quite a lot, don’t you think ? Files can be downloaded quite regularly from official site or links can be found also in our patch page. Hundreds of extra edits will definitely improve your game experience.



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