PES 2019 Smoke Patch X

Are you looking for great support and regular quality updates ? Smoke patch is being released for couple more years and even the older Pro Evolution Soccer got an update from this team. Even if you want to play previous soccers, the newest patches can be found on authors website, for example, at least 2 game seasons are still supported. 

Many players would argue, if FIFA from EA Sports is better or worse than PES, but result is, both of them offers great football experience on consoles and PC platform. Great graphics – visuals, AI, gameplay make games just so perfect. Missing licenses are a little disadvantage for Konami and there’s come a big fans community which try to improve game as much as it’s possible. Players can also edit game content by themselves, available edit mode in extras offers possibility to adjust stats or create new players and custom teams. It can be fun, but on the other side, it takes some time.

Here comes PES 2019 smoke patch, team of people who make almost endless editing options and improve game regularly during season for PC (Windows). Players can enjoy replaced fake players, dozens of new teams, fixes squads, stadium ads, emblems, fans chants, HD graphics for turf and details around the pitch (stadium environment), kits and we cannot forgot whole competitions like World Cup or UEFA Champions League with leagues like Premier League, La Liga, Seria A, Bundesliga and the others worlds best-known ones. Stats shows thousands of new players and faces.

Version X (X10, X20) of smoke patches has been announced last season with special one, EXECO. It’s the newest update for season 18/19 and will include edits for latest summer transfers, promoted teams to upper leagues, new structure of system files, classic teams where players can enjoy really old squads and football players who have already finished their career. New stadiums list contains Allianz Arena, Old Trafford and Allianz Stadium in Italy. X20 series introduced world cup edition which took place in Russia.

The integration is a next big thing, Konami releases couple version of Datapack and DLC with extra content several times during the year. All these updates are included and smoke patch for pes 2019 is still fully compatible. Features like improved sound effects on stadiums, detailed balls, boots and gloves get used to be like real latest models but with less focus. Extra software, scoreboard switcher allows you to change scoreboard for matches to versions like default, Bein sports, ESPN or Sky Sports. Patch is fully free to download, usually, the latest versions is about 4-5GB big and everything can be installed using a simple program. Authors reply really quickly to players comments and almost every new version of smoke patch contains various bugs (issues) fixes for game crashes or incorrect information. 

This update is highly recommended by our team and you can find updates bellow or in patch section on our sites. Always backup your files before installation and do not use unknown link sources. In case of any problems, just leave a comment and we will try to respond as soon as it’s possible.

Version 2019 X – waiting for release

 - awaited players and leagues corrections

- official updates from Konami

- added summer transfers


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