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Every title has own preferences and features which player need to set up before starting the game. Sports game, like Pro Evolution Soccer series offers quite a lot of options from environment settings like graphics, audio and controller to matchmaking special or advanced features. Let’s have a look at couple steps which will help you enjoy soccer on your device.

PES 2019 is available for platforms personal computers (PC), Xbox (One) and PS (4th generation). Where should you look up if you want to buy the game ? For consoles, you can visit Playstation or Microsoft Stores and buy a license with possibility to download content. For disc (box) versions, follow steps in a manual which you receive in package. 

PC players can use Steam service, where you need to create an account, agree with the terms and after successful login, get a product from store right into your stream library. During the subscribe process, players are prompted to write down license key (back side of manual, or online key). After the install, run PES from the client or game folder, where you have just copied files. In order to experience better in-game quality, your hardware need to meet at least minimum system requirements.

PES 2019 settings exe

If you cannot find game files, visit windows path (steam folder) \SteamApps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. There’s a settings.exe file in the same directory, where you can set display preferences like screen mode (windowed or full screen), resolution options (depends on your device), aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9), picture quality from low to high or enable additional Vsync and others. On the next tabs, there are keyboard and controller settings, audio, online and specifications. Do not forget to save any changes before startup. Your personal data is stored often in C:\Users\ documents directory and it's created after first run, when you are prompted to create profile with name. For shared devices, you can create multiple profiles and just switch between them.

Basic controls and modes can be accessed through game menu. Click on extras item, and follow to system settings. For example, if you experience low FPS (frames per second), check your render options. Pick your favourite team and play right after start, this will be your default club for COM, matches against friends or CO-OP. Statistics offers details over online information from Konami. For better experience, configure online settings which can affect your response time (ping). 

If you want do adjust game speed, audio commentary and other volumes, language and your custom user data, go to system tab. Match general settings options includes game level (difficulty), match time, injuries, conditions for home and away team, ball type, weather season and stadium selection. Menu controls are really easy, use your keyboard or controller stick, confirm with “A” and cancel with “B” button. For tab change, press “LB” or “RB”. Most of the time, there’s a help icon in corner. Konami ID registration will give you access to important notifications and special campaigns.

Players can use keyboard or gamepad as a game control. Preferences can be changed in PES 2019 settings, chossing connected controllers and input option (direct or xInput for older ones). For CO-OP play with friend, add at least two controllers. Button configuration for gamepads offers most of the time 2 default versions, where passing/shooting used to be changed and for personal computer keyboard controls, bind keys for whatevent you want. Control manual is available following links for PC, Xbox and PS.

Match game plan

Select game mode you like from menu and proceed to the team selection. Players can select teams by country and division or play with some national team. Pick home or away side and move controller icon. If you forget to set your controls, pause PES during match and change settings right in system. After the team pick, look at your game plan. It's a place where you see a team lineup, it's possible to change match tactics or whole formation and give roles to players for example when corner kick or penalty occurs. 

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 offers multiple tactic presets to set. Two for attacking and same count for defense. Players formations change in case they play is more passive, defensive or offensive. Screen shows additional information about players forms, yellow and red cards. At the bottom, there's a substitute lineup with players available during soccer match.

Errors and settings stopped working

In case your computer occurs any erors or crashes, there' re most common ones in manual. Often, exe is unable to start and crashes right at the startup or later. Always check your system settings and hardware information.

Error 0xc000007b

Well known error on startup for Windows platform, when some 64-bit process try to run 32-bit one or similiar issue. Best fix is to check your system msvcp110.dll file. That can be corrupted or missing in some way. Try to install latest version of Microsoft Redistributable C++ or run Windows update.

High ping when playing online

Check your internet connectivity, firewall and antivirus status. High ms can lead to bad online experience, freezes or cancelling game against your opponent. Run internet speed test or check konami servers maintenance.

System detects only integrated graphics card

For dedicated graphics card owners, go to control panel (Nvidia, right click on desktop), find proevolutionsoccer.exe and select dedicated one as default.

Game stopped working

When no mentioned steps work, remove files and install all of them again. Also check your hardware and drivers versions. For windows users, it's possible to run process in compatibility mode (older releases).

Steam file integrity error

Sometimes error in Steam client occurs, click on purchased PES 2019 in your library, following right click go to properties and run file integration check. Could take a while, if it does not help, restart a computer.

Process run in window instead of fullscreen

Go to the folder, where you have installed in-game file with PES 2019 settings.exe, change window mode on first tab or click try pressing key combination "alt + enter".


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