PES 2019 ps4 controller

One of the oldest and best gamepads ever, Playstation controller which contain casual design with triangle, square, cross and square buttons with pads on back and two sticks. The newest and still actual series named Dualshock offers vibration-feedback developed by Sony company and it’s official trademark.

PES 2019 PS4 controller preferences can be changed in setting.exe for personal computer players, playing on Windows (game folder in SteamApps). It’s possible to add more devices into the game if you play co-op mode and select input type. For everyone else, go to extras in menu and open system settings. Little configuration settings can be changed also during match if you take a pause.

When experiencing any kind of issues, restart your ps4 controller, try emulating drivers a XInput or select your device as for X360. For windows users, check ds4 windows tools, which emulate connection for many other games.

Picture bellow shows default controls for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, advanced actions can be found in article describing Xbox controls. PS4 controller is similar at all and no changes are needed to enjoy smooth gameplay.

pro evolution soccer 2019 ps4 controls



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