PES 2019 PC controls

From the beginning of Pro Evolution Soccer series, it's quite struggling to set easily PC keyboard controls. Main reason could be that the game always shows only gamepad as default device with no help popups. What's the main gameplay difference between these two ? Probably the best feature is possibility to use sticks and controll better players movement, button push during shooting (power gauage), it's faster and if you use wireless gamepad, also more comfortable, just lay down and enjoy soccer.

Game preferences can be changed after startup via menu and system settings. Player can assign one or more controllers for chosen team before starting match, during team pick, if you forget to select side, pause match anytime you want. For PES 2019 keyboard control adjustment, find settings.exe file in directory where you have installed all files (only for Windows users). On the top tab, there's option to change inputs and bind specific keys to actions. Players can control basic movement directions, shooting, defence, varios types of passes, replay actions and special skills which sometimes needs to push combination of keys at the same time and depends on players level. Buttons are divided to groups when you have control over the ball or player is trying to tackle an opponent.

pes 2019 controls

If you experience any kind of problems or errors, check your device status, reinstall game or keep updated all your drivers and operating system. Wireless keyboards could be disconnected from operation unit or you have issues with an USB port.

We couldn't forget game tips, which will help you maybe to win your match or whole tournament. For more information, check out Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 pc controls bellow. All tackles depends on your players performance, when trying to get to opponent side, attacking area or other team is holding ball.

Use crosses directed to players with height ability or through ball which will pass behind defense. Cheap pass used to be more accurate. Low crosses helps you to minimize risk of saving ball by a goalkeeper in the air. During oponnent pressing, pass ball to your defensive teammate or use close ball control. Changing preset tactics can give you opportunity to rapidly change way your whole team play and create new chances. There are many other options for PES 2019 pc controls in situations like penalty kick, corners kicks or tackling. You can find useful source in video tutorials presented on our site in news sections.


Keyboard controls in settings

  • R - special button for controlling players movement
  • L - controlling player movement
  • LT - special button, tricks,..
  • LB - switching player
  • RT - player control ball more accurately
  • RB - sprint
  • B - controlling replay sequence
  • -> V - escaping replay or going back in game
  • B - long centered pass
  • A - pass
  • X - shot
  • Y - passing player to run
  • Low crossB 2x
  • Pressure - when defending press A, chasing attacker RBA. During pressure, defender automatically tries to block shots.
  • Sliding tackleB
  • Tackling - quick hit A 2x to attempt to win a ball back
  • Tracking opponent - hold RT + left stick
  • Close ball controll - hold RT while dribbling and using left stick
  • Speed burstRB twice
  • Throwing into spaceY
  • Controlled shotRTX
  • Trap feint - let ball get trough you - L -> LBRB
  • Cancel actionRBRT
  • To make player run after passing a ball, use pass + RT
  • Automatic quick return of the ball, press LBAY or LBALBY
  • Teammate control, assisted hold LBR - right stick
  • Multiple players pressure while defending - quick press X 2x and hold it
  • Offside trap - use D-pad right 2x
  • Standard penaltyX
  • Chipped penaltyLBX
  • Saving penalties - adjust position with left stick and to dive, againg push the same pad.
  • Free kicks helpRB
  • Trick free kickX -> A
  • Lay OffLBA
  • Defending free kicks - jump with wall using B or charge down pressing X
  • Goalkeeper control - hold Y and control direction with left pad
  • Safe goalkeeper dashRB + hold A
  • Keeper diving save - push L and then B
  • Tackle during savingL with quick 2x A


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