PES 2019 option file for console platform

Lack of fully licensed teams and leagues in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is a little disadvantage, also for whole series, which is being released for years. When you play for most well-known and probably the world's best teams like FC Barcelona or Real Madrid there're no missing players names, transfers and so on. 

In early release of PES 2019 option file, you can find great content which will improve your overall game experience. The most important, players and teams. Default Konami content misses some real names, managers, rosters and also stadiums with all emblems, ads and environment. Additional patches brings real players faces and kits or even new ones. Boots, balls and gloves are additional data. 

How to download and install PES 2019 option file

There are many sites which publish data files on their own pages or in user forums. We try to select the best patches and offer a simple way with no big bunch of ads to download files. Be aware of getting data from unknown source, we do not recommend to pay for that too, no special membership and similiar actions, because almost everything is free to download. Instead of installing patch, which is more for PC (Windows) users, option file is desiganted for console gamers, especially Xbox and Playstation owners. Pro Evolution Soccer has an user data profile feature built in game menu. It can be accessed through Edit -> Data Management -> Import / Export (could be in Extras section). You can also create your own players and teams there. Editing stats is allowed too, but it do not used to be featured, because it could change teams performance for offline matches.

  • To import data, use clean formatted USB drive (FAT 32 partition) and put downloaded files into folder with custom name, whatever you want. If there's a .rar or .zip file, get everyting out of archive (available software, WinZip, WinRar, 7zip).
  • After plugging USB into your console, start the PES 2019 soccer game and go the the menu section mentioned before.
  • There are more options, for new teams, go to Team import and select option files from your drive and specific folder. Everything is automatically added and do not forget to save profile at the end.
  • For logos, embles and all image based content, use Import image option. Players need to do everyting manually, unfortunately, there's no existing script to automatize this job.
  • After success installment, apply content to competition, where you want to have previously imported content (for logos and similiar).

Aren't you happy with a current version ? Keep waiting for new version or download from some other author. Every year, it takes some time after PES release to made licenses and other stuff for console games. A little advantage for personal computer users but on the other side, game quality is still a bit worse there.


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