PES 2018 smoke patch

Since 2007, SMoKE patch teams brings new content into the Pro Evolution Soccer, taking game to another level of entertainment. Most of the licenses are just fake and this update helps you to create or replace these ones with original leagues, teams and players for free to download.

More than 40 european teams, +20 Latin american teams, + 9 Asian teams, 2 new classic teams and maximum possible number of stadiums with great graphics, including high definition turfs, stadiums ad-boards and banners. Real faces for more than 2000 players and created over 14200 new football players.

Last patches included

this update applied all summer transfers, created new signings for teams all over the world, if any transfer is missed we will correct.

Players and stats:

a lot of stats review in this version, a lot of players players have stats from pes 2018 database. added more real faces and fixed some face that was not showing correctly in previous versions. added a lot of new players to their respective teams.
added more updated kits, every version contains more new or updated kits for teams from all over the world, as you might notice we started with the bigger teams .
more kits in every update.

Updated the structure for the big competitions such as champions league, included the up to date
CL participants with the newly created teams Maribor for CL and Vardar for EL.

as usual, there are always things to make better, we try to update, enhance and fix the patch to have the game as good as it could be.

PES 2018 Smoke Patch X (10.0)

This is the first smoke patch release for pes 2018, it’s still missing some of the usual features we add in smoke patch series but it have the essential corrections the game needs, we will be releasing updates regularly so the fans can enjoy the enhancements and features of the patch and game.

Please see below more details

Main features:

- all teams have correct names and logos

- removed fake and doubled players

- correct team squads

- add Bayern munchen

- add real kits for big teams


Due to the known lack of licenses in this game, a lot of teams have wrong names and logos, and have default kits only, some teams even have fake players names, smoke patch x correct the names, adds official logos and applies correct squads, and adds real kits instead of fake ones (added gradually), team squads are imported from konami recent live updates.

normally in the early releases we dont yet add new teams, however we did add Bayern Munich because of the obvious reason being one of the biggest clubs in the world, more clubs and national teams will be added gradually in later versions


all players have correct and real names, national players with fake names and IDs are replaced with the real name and correct ID, duplicated players resulting in this are deleted, note that there might be some duplicated players in Asian cup, we will remove them too soon.

players stats are default konami stats.


all competitions have correct names and emblems, national league teams are now sorted alphabetically as usual, updated Argentine league teams and prepared system files to be compatible with adding teams like previous versions.


this year the kits system has changed, files structure and image compression made it little harder to add kits, we started adding them and will be adding kits for all teams soon.

Real kits added so far:

real madrid,sevilla,celta de vigo,deportivo alaves,manchester united ,manchester city,Leicester City,chelsea,everton,tottenham,bayern munchen,juventus,tunisia,morocco,eygpt,algeria,mexico,russia,sweeden,colombia,peru,chile,uruguay


- no changes in the game stadiums

- no new faces added (faces unavailable)

- boots and balls are not changed (working on it)


- Extract patch files 

download all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don't move any of the installation files or folders.

- Run SetupX.exe

run the installer and choose PES 2018 installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don't get errors and that the installer finished successfully.


- always check and install the latest smoke update when available.

- do not use old edit00000 files (using older or other edit files might bug the game)

- This patch is made to focus on offline modes, online feature will not find opponents due the the difference between the patch system files and the original game, we are planning making online version soon.



Download PES 2018 smoke patch: 

Version X (10.0) -


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