PES 2016 settings controls

Let's take a look at a brief overview of PES 2016 settings and other possibilities of setting up your in-game controls in quick game manual. We will introduce settings.exe information, game plan options and other important stuff which will help you to control soccer much better.

Chaning game preferences

If you are a PC player, the game preferences are stored in settings.exe file, which is located on your hard drive, game folder where is game installed. Most of the time, it's C://Program Files (x86)//Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2016/ or if you have installed stuff from Stream, then it's C://Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/. Everytime you need to find install folder.

There are many options like sound settings, you can set up graphics levels which will influence hw requirements, display resolution, vertical synchronization and the most important one, controller and keyboard controls options.

Basic menu controls

In order to move in game menu, use default buttons on your controller as usual. (B) for getting back and (A) for confirm. For movement, use D-pad or left stick. The reversed play button (keyboard: (B)) will show you in-game help, strongly recommended. If you have a keyboard, please see screenshot.

All important players data are stored in personal data. Most of the time, it's being saved automatically during game progress. To backup personal data, you can find it in C://Users/_user_/Documents or use export.


PES 2016 controls

  • R - special button for controlling players movement
  • L - controlling player movement
  • LT - special button, tricks,..
  • LB - switching player
  • RT - player control ball more accurately
  • RB - sprint
  • B - controlling replay sequence
  • -> V - escaping replay or going back in game
  • B - long centered pass
  • A - pass
  • X - shot
  • Y - passing player to run


  • Low cross - B 2x
  • Pressure - when defending press A, chasing attacker RB + A. During pressure, defender automatically tries to block shoots.
  • Sliding tackle - B
  • Tackling - quick hit A 2x to attempt to win a ball back
  • Tracking opponent - hold RT + left stick
  • Close ball controll - hold RT while dribbling and using left stick
  • Speed burst - RB twice
  • Throwing into space - Y
  • Controlled shot - RT + X
  • Trap feint - let ball get trough you - L -> LB + RB
  • Cancel action - RB + RT
  • To make player run after passing a ball, use pass + RT
  • Automatic quick return of the ball, press LB + A + Y or LB + A + LB + Y
  • Teammate control, assisted hold LB + R - right stick
  • Multiple players pressure while defending - quick press X 2x and hold it
  • Offside trap - use D-pad right 2x
  • Standard penalty - X
  • Chipped penalty - LB + X
  • Saving penalties - adjust position with left stick and to dive, againg push the same pad.
  • Free kicks help - RB
  • Trick free kick - X -> A
  • Lay Off - LB + A
  • Defending free kicks - jump with wall using B or charge down pressing X
  • Goalkeeper control - hold Y and control direction with left pad
  • Safe goalkeeper dash - RB + hold A
  • Keeper diving save - push L and then B
  • Tackle during saving - L with quick 2x A


Menu manual

At the main menu, you can find players data information, from favorite club to football player image. At the top corner, there's notice about GP. GP is in-game currency used in myClub and points can be achieved from achievements. You can reach higher EXP level or buy and unlock new things.

Match category is divided to:

  • Exhibition match (quick match agains COM)
  • Quick Match (Online) (online play 1 vs 1)
  • Online divisions (series of 10-game seasons)
  • Friendly match lobby (pick up opponent in online lobby)
  • Team play lobby (similiar to friendly match lobby, here you can creat your own match room or join another)
  • Online competition (championships)


  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europe League
  • Copa Libertadores (Latin America)
  • Copa Sudamericana
  • AFC Champions League (Master of Asia)
  • League (play whole season)
  • Cup (cup competition)

Also there are football life, myClub, Master League, Become a Legend.

Try and practise training or customize your system settings in Extras Category. During training you can simulate free kicks, penalties or play simple team match. Your replays are stored in Highlights section. Statistics and online settings will give you important infos about your progress and if you want to download the newest official DLC or Datapack, visit Data Pack Update menu bar.


Game plan

The team stats, positions, substites and tactics are in game play which you can acceess during match pause in menu or before starting match. By selecting a player, his capabilities are shown in bottom of the screen. There's an overral rating, positions and a special hexagon showing parts of skills where's is the player strongest. Bigger hexagon  - better player. This will help you to set piece better to aim on players skills. Substitutes are on the right side of plan.

Pressing (LT) or (RT) for movement in bottom sub-menu. Special icon like yellow card, red card or white cross meaning injury or white dash - unavailable. Player's form is shown as arrow (red - top, yellow - good, green - normal, blue - poor, purple - terrible). During a match i can increase or decrease by max. one level. Position on the pitch can be changed by selecting a player and using left stick.

In preset tactics, you can define different attacking styles (like counter attack, high pressure), build up play (how team forms attack), attacking area or whole positioning.

Tactical options will give you opportunity to choose direct positions and influence players behaviour depending on current situation on the pitch. There are 3 presets: at the kick off, in possesion or out of possesion. Use this presets for offensive, defensive or custom plan.

During the match, tactics can be changed by pressing D-pad - possibility to change preset tactics. 

Stamina level decreases the whole match and speed is higher when running.



Advanced gameplay settings

This stuff is in game match options and you can change various assistance level, cursor change, passing support level, trough ball type, shot type, free kicks control, directional guide, positioning guide, auto-feint, auto sliding and teammate controls. 

If you are just a Pro Evolution Soccer beginner, we recommend highe level of assistation or trying various setups depending if you play on keyboard or playstation and xbox controller. This will help you to control gameplay, especially passing. Pass support is good for keyboards where you cannot use sticks and choose direction better. Auto-sliding don't need to be best option always too.

To organize your match, visit general plan where are important levels and timer. Feel free to set match level (from amateur to Super Star), match time, turning on or off extra time and penalties. Number of substitutions is on default value 3 and chaning conditions of teams is available. Injuries can be disabled.




Often errors and problems

System detecs wrong graphics card

For Windows users. If you see an error dialog with low performance. Try starting a program by clicking an icon with right mouse click and choose preferable graphics card. You can set default value in Nvidia center if you are owner of this card.

Online lags 

Check you internet connection. In order to enjoy smooth play, you need great response from official Konami online servers (ping). Recommended speed is more than 2 Mbit/s, anyway great speed does not guarantee low latency. The second option is checking up servers status, sometimes servers can be overloaded.

Game crashes

If you own modified .exe version of the game, there can be problem with compatibility. Check system requirements. If you have installed any patch or modification recently, try unistalling all modifications and have a clear copy of the game before copying any new stuff.

Installing DLC and updates

To install an official updates and DLC packs, log in into the game, visit updates menu.



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