PES 2016 patch

PES patch updates leagues, teams, players and add new licenses

The well-known disadvantage of Pro Evolution Soccer series is lack of official licenses for leagues which includes also teams and players with managers who used to be licensed too in last years. We cannot forget also stadiums which are really important thing for great soccer game experience. After the Konami lost an authority for La Liga stadiums, things went a little worse. Anyway, the important championships like UEFA Champions League, Europe League or another great ones are still major property of PES producer.

That's why game fans including FIFA guys are separated to the two sides. One side doesn't like Pro Evolution Soccer because of not so quality content and the other one just doesn't matter and find other solution anytime.

A huge community of Pro Evolution Soccer editors

Here comes "unofficial updates" called patches. You could download and install PES patch for free since the first titles of the games, like since 2008 and so on. Besides the official DLC and stuff created by konami producer, the quality was still better. There are no rapid changes in development of licensed content for PES 2016 patch. Every update is being created by a huge and probably the best community of players and editors, who deliver high quality and original edit.

As well, there were a community issues last year. Probably one of the best edit makers, Pesedit teams announced end of developing patches for PES. The main reason was insufficiency of money income from development and copying - stealing data files from other creators which came really fast with their own stuff. Unfortunately, we do not expecate a change this year.

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 should be a breaktrough in a football simulation and celebrate 20th anniversary of game release. In this case, the editor mode will be improved and editing your own content just right on your device, in-game will be possible also for all next-gen devices including Playstation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One.

pes 2016 patch update

How to download PES 2016 patch

This step to achieve your favourite edit cannot be easier. Our website and also another ones regularly post the best and newest PES patches. You can use different mirrors on the internet which provides zipped - packed datas trough links in download section or visit our forums for different option.

A little easier for PC players who can save stuff on the hard drives and procced to install, but for Playstation and Xbox fans, they cannot get files into device. It's recommended to use a portable device and store everything on its data space.

How to install PES 2016 patch

After you have downloaded all files on your device, please follow on-page instructions to install patch or try to find out a text file with full manual. Most of the time, the latest version offers easy build using .exe file. Just few clicks, choosing the game folder - directory. Don't forget to choose root folder (most of the time). Some updates demand copying files into right folders structure, please follow manual.

It's also recommended to copy all files into fresh build of the game. If you are installing other brand, unistall modified files before installing new update. This will improve stability and reduce risk of errors and bugs.

Playstation and Xbox option file

This stuff is a little different from PC version. PES 2016 option file give you an original licenses like fixed players names, teams and leagues fixes. Unfortunately, the quality and richness of content is not so high but you can enjoy licenses at least. To install option file, read instruction manual, more often, you need to use a special program to import all data. 

pro evolution soccer 2016 edit

More information about kitserver and selectors

What's a kitserver ? Really briefly said, it's just a special folder and way to bring edited, players made content to the game as a additions which works with official data as well. Combining patch selector, players can change various settings, choose the 2nd divisions which used to be limited because of slot limitations in Pro Evolution Soccer, set up crowds, corner flag type, replay or on-screen TV logo. All of these is divided to more part as add-ons, switches, graphics extra PES settings. Almost every better and more popular pes 16 patch contains these possibilities to edit a game by your way.

Best PES 2016 patch

In upcoming months, we expectate many new things like updated summer transfers, corrections for national teams and local leagues (Barclays Premiere League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga,...), new kits which came by starting a new football season. Everything is fully compatible with online mode (sometimes requires using switch to turn off content for online play) and have built-in Konami updates and DLC - datapacks. Players can enjoy various packs like bootpacks, facepack, stadiumpack which give you dozens of new things in a ones.

Recently, we have announced the best patches which could be available also for Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. We talk about Tuga Vicio, PESTIGS Tuning, Super Patch, PTE, Smoke and PESGalaxy. We try to choose only the most quality ones, fully supported and compatible edits.

pes 2016 kits

Tools to develop on your own

There are many programs and software for Windows which help you to develop your own in-game content, changes players stats, edit faces and a lot of more. Also for PS3, PS4 - Xbox users there's an option to convert option file from PC type to console binary data file like converter. The very popular ones are Stats Updater Tool, Alpha Editor or Face manager.

Official updates releases and DLC packs

Every couple times, regurarly, the game producer Konami come with a new packs and updates, which fix various bugs, improve game stability, brings new players, balls or kits. Everything is for free and you can download it from menu after logging in into game and connect to servers.

If you look for great content visit our edit section with great pes patches.


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