PES 2015 Xbox360 Option File Style

Features 1.1:

- Fixed all the names Leagues, Competitions & Clubs
- Corrected the names of many Coaches
- Added names to the most important stages of the Premier League and Serie A
- Added logos for all competitions and leagues: Premier League, Skybet, Serie B, Liga Zon Sagres Bundesliga
- Complete kits to all the teams in the Premier League and National

Useful links - version 1.1:

HORIZON v2.7.9.3 :

Tutorial - How to install Xbox 360 2015 Patch / Option File :

1) Go to “Settings”> “System Settings“> “Storage“> “USB Storage Device“>

2) Select “Configure Now”.

3). After starting the procedure, the Xbox will test the performance of flash-drive, if that suits you will now be used as USB storage device visible in the “Storage Devices”. If the performance of flash drive instead not meet the minimum requirements for use on the Xbox will display the message “Can not configure” then we will have to repeat the procedure with a different flash drive.

4) Remove the flash drive and plug it into your PC.

5) Remove the DpFileList, Datapack 1/1 fo the rar with winrar or winzip programs.

6) Open Horizon

7) Click Inject File on the bottom right and put in the following order: the TU, the dpfilelist, the Datapack 1/1 (which is called in the download StylePatchDLC – Patch PES 2015) and the FO.

8) After that connect the pendrive to the xbox and the dpfilelist and Datapack copy them and paste them, while the TU and the FO transfer them.

Start PES and enjoy the new improvements of Style DLC Patch!

For those who have the original console DLC already downloaded can perform the same passage are entering the Datapack 1/1 (which is called in the download StylePatchDLC – Patch PES 2015) and the FO following the same steps listed above.

For those who have the profile of the console on the pendrive, when asked to give HORIZON PROFILE ID to the various files should click NO on all but the FO. (The steps are identical to those overlying).


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