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14.11.2014 Update

In a brief overview, we can show and describe what's possible to set up in the game a how. Let's look at a tutorial, how to set your controller like keyboard or joystick, also other in-game settings, which edit - change various game modes, players behaviour and their control. In game modes, we can talk about season, training and managers. On the other hand there's a big variety of classic match options. Follow next paragraphs, which help you to find that you are searching for !


PES 2015 settings.exe

If the players want to configure their keyboard or joystick, the will surely need to locate settings.exe file, which is located in game installation folder, most of the time C:\\Program Files\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, it's easy, just need to open the file and you find every setting.

pes 2015 settings requirements

pes 2015 settings.exe file

Button - keyboard - controller:

  • Y - passing player to run
  • X - shot
  • A - pass
  • B - long centered pass
  • -> (V) - escaping replay or going back in game
  • B - controlling replay sequence
  • RB - sprint
  • RT - player control ball more accurately
  • LB - switching player
  • LT - special button, tricks,..
  • L - controlling player movement
  • R - special button for controlling players movement

pes 2015 joystick

This screenshot has been taken last year and come from PES 2014, but anyway, every year it's still the same look. On display tab, we can find a lot of options, specific graphics stuff, configuring display resolution, in-game details, turn on / off vertical screen smoothing and similiar stuff. We must notice, that this is for PC version and settings for console used to by directly in game menu. No settings.exe file like that ! Next to the display tab, there's keyboard controller and joystick controller. Don't be confused if you see xbox controller on keyboard tab, it's just for presentation of various buttons and help players to setup their devices. Easily, you can apply all these as you like and create great game environment for better game experience like shooting or recording - stopping game replays.

Specific control, tutorial for binding keys - buttons and other player controls will be introduced in a next already prepared article about controlling in PES 2015 ! In both occassions, keyboard and joystick, there's possiblity to choose more devices and play co-op (multiplayer) game, for example with your friends, mostly time just for offline play. Just choose device and control, directInput for classic USB devices.

On the next tabs, you can find settings like audio, online mode in game or specifications. Also need to notice, that in specifications / display tab, there're hardware requirements shown and you can find index for your hardware and information how good you PC is. However, this test used to be started during every game begin since PES 2014, and if your PC score is low, there could be some problems with run.


PES 2015 settings

Move from controller and graphics settings to in-game options. More specific way how to influence your in-game experience. Various players behaviours, match details or general options.


Support settings

pes 2015 settings

However the picture is a bit older, you can see options to change players cursor, that's means - the system how your players will be switched by game during your opponent keeps a ball. The levels for this options are shown like assited - semi assited and no assisted. We recommend to use semi option, it's quite ideal for game, not's so easy and boring, but if you are advanced player, you should choose no assistation in game, sou you can use your controller to shoot or pass the ball with a huge precission. Anyway, it's more difficult ! Keyboard is not recommended ! Also options to set up your players name display, assistation during passing, shooting, free kicks and other ones. Auto-sliding used to be turned off, and player choose when the tackle will be done, anyway it's not superb all the time, and easily you can see card from referree ! Support, and this settings you can find in game menu's tab.

Beside all that environment, after first start of the game, players used to create their profiles by easy way, some additional information for online mode or choose their favourite team or league, which will be set as default in quick matches offline.


Game plan

pes 2015 game plan settings

Among the important settings, which most of the players used to set up we can include game plan, and all of these will affect your match. Possibilities in PES 2015 are really various, can choose formations, tactics are set players positions on the pitch. As you can see, option to set up player as captain and other details.


General settings

pes 2015 general settings

In general settings, it's possible to choose game difficulty, match length, extra time, penalty kicks after full match period and extra time, number of substitutions and new thing is players emotions. Next, well known conditions for home and away team and injuries can be turned on or off.

There are also more specific options for games mode, so we would like to bring up better updates news for fans, and focus on settings in specific game mode article. Various things to set up like seasion, specific matches, players, whole teams or transfers. 

Problems with PES 2015 game settings

Game detecs wrong graphic card (integrated card)

If your game detecs your integrated graphic card as primary and shows low power in requirements tab, try disabling this card in your system and switch to dedicated one. Control panel -> managing devices -> disable integrated card and restart device. If your screen got blanked, restart computer and enable it again or try finding option in BIOS.

If you have Nvidia graphic card, right click on your desktop and open Nvidia Control Center. Right on the first tab, click on managing 3D settings and set your Nvidia card as primary one, or click on the second tab and set this Nvidia card primary for application - game PES.





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