PES 2015 patch

How works pro evolution soccer 2015 patch creating ?

It's really simple, a huge community of players and fans around this game develop great content all the time, and repair tiny disadvantages that game contains. The biggest well-known disadvantage is missing licences. Game does not contain all licences since early beginning. Unfortunately, there's no way, game developer can hardly buy for example English Premiere League, because its owner is EA for years, so there's no claim ! Authors of the game aim on other leagues from Europe or Latin America (a massive group of fans !) or second divisions which are really good too !

Dont' say that game is bad and not playable because of licences. Almost after every release or update, within couple hours - days, new patches are being released, new content like players faces, new stadiums, kits, real names - rosters, squads, balls and other statistics, so fans impression is really high after that !

pes 2015 patch screenshot


The most famous PES 2015 patches

The best one, i could say are edits created by pesedit and smoke teams. Developing last all the year, still new things - content for the game. Awesome stats !

Quick example for this years soccer

PES 2015 patch pc

  • Full compatibility with official game updates, datapack and DLC. Also you can play online mode.
  • Added Premiere league, La Liga, Ligue 1.
  • New kits for Premiere league and national teams.
  • Fixed players names, stats for leagues mentioned above and national teams (England, Spain, Brazil,..).
  • New adboard and team emblems.
  • Added summer transfers (more than 500+)
  • Edited squads for teams (Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City,..)


This step is often really easy, just few clicks, patch contains exe file for installation or you need to follow included tutorial steps and copy the files to the correct folders.


Simply said, it's additional folder, which contains edit files and this replace original in-game content, files in other directory. Also various selectors allow you tu select patch options, additional content, switch second divisions, set online or master league modes by your own requirements.

pes 2015 patch screenshots 2


Tools for creating new content

If you want to create a new content or edit an original one, there're couple interesting and well tools - programs made by community. Various graphics programs, hexa editors which open in-game files and extract them so you can lookup their content and choose what you want more easily. Next interesting thing is fileloader fore simple loading already made content.

Pro Evolution soccer 2015 options file

The possibility to download content for PES is more in hands of PC owners. But owners of Xbox or Playstation should not be said. Options files are really close to computer patches, a little less updates, but the most important content like statistics, players names and teams squads don't miss ! Really favourite files, great replacement for missing licences.

Official updates

Official updates are made by game authors - producers. There's a difference between pes 2015 patch - DLC / Datapack. Patch used to fix in-game bugs, improve players stats, AI or fix other errors. Datapacks and DLC add new content like boots, balls and summer - winter transfers. This year, pro evolution soccer 2015 players transfers will be updated every week !




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