PES 2015 online

Almost no game nowadays cannot exists without multiplayer - online play. Also Pro Evolution Soccer doesn't miss the online mode, so you can play against players from the whole world and compete who is better soccer player. You can choose various matches types or modes.

How to play PES 2015 online

For playing the game online, players need original version of the game. Players has been never able to play multiplayer or neither some local LAN type of game. You need to buy an original one for example in your local store, so you can enjoy full great experience in favourite soccer and Pro Evolution Soccer. To play online, just create - register Konami account and connect it with your game title ID.

How to register PES 2015 online

After buying the game, usually at the back side of game box or better said manual, there's used to be game ID, code which you fill in during registration. If you don't have Konami account ID yet, you need to create it first and than type game key which is inside your game box. URL address of the page is contained in manual too.

How to login into online mode

After creating an account, you can use your account credentials and sign in. Online mode used to be listed in menu or you can choose some online mode directly from the menu. Sign in is really simple and after success process you can enjoy the game.

pes 2015 online server

PES 2015 online

After login, you can choose a server on which you want to play. They are divided into groups and servers locations is different, depends on country, as you can see on picture. The second thing is, that there's limited number of server slots and you will only play against players playing on actual server. We recommend to choose server which is near to your place for better internet connection stability and quality.

You can choose from variety of matches types. Let's look at exhibition match, quick match, online divisions, friendly match, team lobby match or championship - competition. There're no big differences among these types. In friendly match you just play match and at the end nobody loose or get points. In quick or exhibition match you can increase you rank if you win the game.

Team lobby - friendly lobby, the system is based on virtual rooms where you set up rules for your room and look for oponent, or you can choose somebody you want to play with. For example in team matches, you can play with other players in the same team, like 11vs11.

Championship system is really simple, different phases on tournament and at the end, there are 3 players who stand on 1., 2. and 3th place.

Online modes

Beside the classic rank matches, you can enjoy playing more specific online game modes like myClub - Master League online or Become a legend, and all these things are in one mode called Football Life. The system is quite similiar to offline, one difference that you play against real players.

pes 2015 online

pes 2015 online team

pes 2015 online match play

PES 2015 online problems

The most often problems during online - multiplayer game

Cannot sign in, login doesn't work - check if you fill in correct accounts credentials like game name and password. All these things you could set up during account creation process or if you updated your profile. The exception could be that servers are being updated or maintained.

Disconnect during match - in case you are being disconnected during match, check if your internet connection is working well or if its quality is good enough to play the soccer. If server doesn't recieve any data from player, it used to close match - connection and you loose. The same problem can be on the other side, if your oponnent leave the game.

Oponnent has left game - if your oponnet leave match or connection is closed and it's your oponnent problem, you get points for winning match and your oponnent loose. Most often thing is, that there are cheaters who leave game not because connection problems. Also ranking can drop if you disconnect too often from matches.

Online game lags - if your game is laggy, you experience lags, check your internet connection and its status. Also check ping - server response level quality and at the last step if servers don't experience any problems.

Server maintenance - servers can be maintained sometimes during year, month. Players used to be informed by system (online message) or in some other way. Usually everything happens in night, just couple hours.

Incorrect files (data dismiss) - if you cannot sign in and you see some error talking about system file and data dismiss, check if you have not installed any patch or modified system file previously. Use patch selector for online play or unistall it.



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