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The great changes by KONAMI

Since 2014, some changes have occured. I can write about two biggest ones. The first was that the Konami has opened new studio for developing, which is located in English city, Windsor. And what was the reason to do that ? Developers want to aim on European football, get closer to fans and create much better game experience as ever before. The Konami centre is anyway still in Tokyo.

FOX engine, have you ever heard about that ? Probably yes, if you have ever been playing PES 2014, that's the first soccer game that was running on this engine. After the year, developers are coming with couple new improvements, they had enough time to test the system of play and improve it. Also there's is a result ! Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is coming on next-gen platform devices like Xbox One and Playstation 4.


Let's return to 2014

You are reading well, we are coming back to soccer 2013 ! Is it surprise for you ? For somebody probably yes, but as it was said, also by Adam Bhatti, one of the game producers has said this, 2013 year went really well, there's was good feedback from players. The worse thing was, PES 2014 had quite much bad things. We can talk about graphics, gameplay...not so good. So, let's move on and crete awesome pro evolution soccer 2015 !




Freedom responsive gameplay is coming

The game key facts are totally reworked and improved ! The result is a freedom play and a great control over the whole match - game. Much better players controlling, responsibility and unpredictable moments. Ever pass, shot or run will be different. The players won't have experience they play the same boring game, just some running men and ball. It's sure this will help the game !

And i must remind improved AI, players behaviour, their ID. Nobody will behave or play the same way. Everbody will have own style of play, trying to create good space, cover own area or attack. Let's get stunning options how to strike or not to let opponent score a goal. Use counter or wings attack. It's only your choice !


We have already write some paragraphs about PES 2015 control. Various options how to strike or move forward or backward. The new technology, called close control, tight control opponent, you can see it on gameplay videos from game. Footballers control other, or do other tackle really well. And there's coming this technology, you have 3 main options - get close, active defending or tackling. If you hit and get the ball or do the foul, it's only up to you ! The change from dribble to run is more visible and more effective.



Main PES 2015 features

Realistic players behaviour, although, more than 1000 players have been reworked, it's all about individuality. Real elements, the same behaviour like in real world. We can mention animations (players faces, celebrating goals, tackles) and also game style. This will influence also teams (rosters). Ronaldo, Messi, Robben or another players will behave like in real. The referee decisions were slightly changed too !

Animations, atmosphere PES 2015 - stadium light, weather area going to be improved, more realistic. Must remind, that the weather will be changeable. The interesting thing is, players kits will change too, depending on weather or other conditions. Fans on stadium will closely watch the game and react depending on game progress or actions.

PES ID, the system which we had a chance to try and see. Thanks to ID, every player is different. It will influence their style, shooting, tricks, goals celebrations and everything else. Almost whole soccer database has been changed thanks to big PES community.

MyClub, this is new thing which is connected with pes 2015 master league. It's gonna be available for pes 2015 master league online and ML offline. Create great relationship in team, strong team spirit ! During transfers, there will be special agent who will negotiate the transfer conditions. If team is going well with coach, their form will be better.



Live updates, every week, game stats in pro evolution soccer 2015 will be updated ! No datapack or patch, just player stats updates, teams, also transfers ! If some player had worse form, you will see it in your game stats. This will be available for England, Italy, France, Spain and Brazil leagues !

Match environment setup, before the match, it will be possible to setup watering level of the pitch or cutting grass. This advanced setting can help your home team during match !

Second divisions, except first divisions, the game will contain also second leagues for England, Spain, Italy and France. You can transfer among that teams in master league or become a legend.

Team roles control, setup 3 players for special occasion ! They will divide and cover much better 3 areas - front, middle and back on the field ! You can switch betweem these players. This idea came from Konami UK studio. Imagine table football.

Realistic managers, really interesting ! The real managers from Europe and Latin America will be introduced into the game ! Who's gonna by your coach in become a legend ?

GP system, new currency, this will help you to unlock achievements in menu, new modes.

Editor will introduce new way how to edit the game. Players can edit besides players, teams also stadiums, pitch or various colours, seats etc.

Online,  quick match, where you can get your rank higher really fast, master league online, creating communities and developers improved anti-cheat protection !


PES 2015 master league, where you will be able to create own team and play whole season. Since last year, you can change a club while transfer window is opened. There will be new cut-scenes during ML like various championships.

PES 15 Become a Legend, is mode, where you're playing for one player and improve his abilities and buil the career. Improved training, transfers to second divisions would be possible !


Game release date is on 17.November 2014 for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and next-gen Xbox One and Playstation 4 !


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