PES 2015 demo download

PES 2015 demo

Official teams

  • Barcelona
  • Athlético de Madrid
  • Athletic Bilbao
  • Bayern München
  • Juventus
  • Napoli

Official match settings

  • Match length - 10 minutes

All release dates

  • Asia - 17. September (Playstation)
  • Asia, Japan - 18. September (+ Xbox)
  • USA - 23. September 2014 (Playstation, Xbox)
  • Europe - not confirmed
  • PC - (13. November, not confirmed)

Release date: 17. September 2014. According to the authors of the game, demo version should be really close to final code of PES 2015. Similarity around 90% ! We are talking about graphics, controlling and whole game how it works - engine. Gameplay nad game code should be at good development level, something similiar to what we could see at gamescom 2014. It's huge amount of changes and other improvements in this version, much better than E3. That time, a lots of players were quite unhappy about in-game quality, the player controlling (shooting, passing) also the graphics were not so good.

Until final version release, there're still almost 3 month since 17. September. Game developers talks about improving graphics and reworking things, they get reported by fans feedback, yes we are talking about pro evolution soccer 2015 demo players :)

Also, we have prepared interesting article about patch and you can read about variety of patches and unlock which used to be released event for demoversion of pro evolution soccer. 

pes 2015 demo stadium

Estimated teams

Teams in demo version will be similiar to last year. According to the version, which we could see on gamescom on press review, there were national teams like Englad, Spain, Brasil, etc. So we can estimate Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and some league teams like Manchester United, Bayern Munich or other BPL, La Liga teams. Except this league teams, we can forget on teams from Latin America - Boca Juniors, Colo Colo, Santos and another ones.


However, the game producers want to make great impression, especially for fans, for there will be only fully licensed players and teams as we have mentioned above. The previous years agree with this statement.

Stadiums in demoversion

In this lincese area, we don't expect more stadiums in game. Just a few stadiums, as licenses for this items are being hold (sometimes a bit secret) until full game release, but anyway, we could see more gameplay videos during last weeks, so Allianz Arena should be there !

Match settings

The match settings will be cutted as every year. Players will have option to choose from couple stadiums, balls, settings - length of match 5-10 minutes and weather types. Also, option to set up teams condition for both home and away team will be probably fully available.

Champions leaguge, Copa Libertadores will be accessible. Few teams and options to play some championship. We expect, new cut-scenes during tournaments and championship will be included. This is a new game features for these modes.

The demo version graphics should be similiar to final version of the game, which will be released in November. The blue colour symbolize this years menu !

Controllers settings

The full possibility to play on both keyboard and joystick. Basic game settings will be available, but don't expect more in-game settings as for online or similiar game's content.

pes 2015 demo players

PES 2015 demo download

The demo file size is estimated approx. 1-3 GB, no bigger size is being awaitted. Usually players, teams and other content have bigger share on game size. On the first day release, pes 2015 demo download would be avialable from official producers servers. Usually there're more servers to keep away from bottleneck as many players want to play and other links used to be shared by community fans.

Demo will be released for PC, Xbox 360 - One and Playstation 3, 4 platforms. Follow our website or visit xbox marketplace or playstation network if you own a console.

This page  will be updated with new information continuosly, after release we will come up with fresh and the newest content !



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