PES 2015 Become a Legend

As every year, this one won't be much different if we compare pro evolution soccer 2015 game modes to previous years. Anyway, we would like to talk more about upcoming PES 2015 become a legend , we could say in some way of translation like, create your player and become the best, in the world. This is really the point of this game mode. You create a player, improve his abbilities, scores goals and become a champion. Primarily, this mode is for players, who won't to manage whole team right now and just fell the game in position of only one player.

pes 2015 become a legend

Creating your player

At the very beginning of mode account creation, you will need to create your player. You can use great in-game player editor, which let's you modify a soccer player as you like. You can set his name, age, height, boots, kit, some special abilities, animations like after scoring a goal and other interesting ones. The game developers aimed on tiny details to create great experience. Do you want to be a striker on the pitch ? Just adjust abilities !

pes 2015 become a legend player

First team contract 

Afther the player creation, you can choose a league in the world, in which you woul like to play. However, your player is just a beginner a he just starts his carrer so there's no possibility to choose a team. During league choosing process you can see what leagues cup and championship would you play in current team.

PES 2015 Become a Legend

Let's say, you have passed first steps and the main part of the whole article is coming. You play a football season in team and you can develop your player as you want, it's only up to you. You can set up a training (different types of training) and that will help you to improve your player. You won't play for the whole team in a match, just for your soccer player.

Become a legend match

How easily can you enter the match ? Just find the calendar / match option in menu and you will see a season calendar and upcoming events, every time you pass to next, the nearest event like match or some championship, also events like Best European player and more. After proceeding to the match, you control your player on selected positions. How in the real world, the manger can decide that you are not good enough to play in this match or you will be substituted by another player. So you should play the best to enjoy every match and improve yourself as quick it's possible.

There're multiple matches type like league matches, championships - qualifications, leagues cups and more. After the each much, you can improve some training ability and see your progress.

pro evolution soccer 2015 become a legend

pes 2015 bal

pro evolution soccer 2015 bal game mode

Transfers window

Againg, check your calendar or mail box (topics) to see when the transfer windows is opened and when the end is coming. However, your transfers and offers you get depends on your players abilities, how is he good, you can check your offer list or request some team and any league and they will reply you soon. Don't forget your topics (mail box) to see a reply, anyway it's shown after every match automatically.

Become a legend online

This mode is available for online play, the one big difference is, that you play against real players in the world.


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