PES 15 new features

Next interesting news about PES 2015

In game settings, there will be now snow. The reason is, that developers focus on other important things in game. By the way, rain has been improved.

The PES 2015 PC quality will be similiar to PS4 and Xbox One. We can find much better rendering, because picture quality would by 1080p and full 60 FPS on next-gen. No probs for Xbox One and PS4, but look at your PES 2015 PC !

In game plan, there will not be possibility to set custom players positions. You will have to use pre-defined roster and game plans. Game authors work really hard on this feature.

New cut-scense have been added to master league, during various championships.

It will be possible to see substitute players on bench.

PES 2015 demo will be really close to final game. The reason of later full game release is, that producerss want to create and sell really high quality product. No problems as couple years before.

More information about licences will come later, but anyway, in PES 2015 will be more licenced stadiums as in 2014 !

Konami bought licences for soundtracks from Cold War Kids, Calvin Harris, Imagine Dragons, Avicii and another famous artists.

Adam Bhatti described two new game modes in his interview !

Role control, will work like table football. You can choose 3 players, attacker - middlefielder and defender and switch between them.

myClub, just imagine you buy in your ML manager like Pep Guardiola. This coach has got his own techniques and game style. So you will try to get close to his criteria and create a strong team. Maybe you will have to buy new players. Anyway in-game agent will help you besides transfers and a lot of other things in your club !




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