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Option file by InMortal v8.5

New updates including kits for referees in Premiere Leagues and others with new teams Qarabag, Maribor, Apoel, Chacarita, fixed duplicate players and option file by InMortal 8.5 is fully compatible with online mode.

All in one patch by mody99 PC 2.0

PES 2018 patch PC all in one by mody99 adds licenses for Premiere League, La Liga and others including national teams and transfers for current summer season. In the newest version players can find improved kits config and corrections of callnames for teams.

PES 2018 AIO patch by mody99

Full licenses for national teams, fixed teams and leagues names. Update brings transfers for all clubs in PES 2018 with more than 4000 mini faces to the game plan in one cpk file by mody99 all in one.

How to import CPK mods files to game

Useful source for everybody who looks for tutorial how to import custom cpk modes files to the Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. Follow easy steps using DpFileList Generator program and instructions also in video.

PES 2018 smoke patch

Favourite update among pro evolution soccer players, PES 2018 smoke patch brings included official konami updates, more than 40 european teams, replacing fake leagues and add maximum possible number of new stadiums into the game to download.

PES 2018 PTE Patch

If you are looking for really quality update, download PES 2018 pte patch with fixed leagues, teams, stadiums for Premiere League, Bundesliga, La Liga including UEFA Champions leagues and national teams, always with most recent version.

PBNZ option file for PC version 1.5

New update of option file for PC by PBNZ with complete Bundesliga including faces, stats,jerseys, coats, stadiums, banners and more also English PL and Championship, La Liga, Italian leagues, added missing UCL teams and update for national teams.

PES 2018 patch PS4

This PS4 patch for PES 2018 brings many corrections for in-game content. Play your favourite soccer game with all 18 Bundesliga teams or the other one like Premiere league, La Liga and more. Almost 70% of players are fixed.

PES 2018 option file patch for PS3

For all playstation players, enjoy fully licensed content including teams, leagues and logos on your PES 2018 PS3. Real names with additional summer transfers in 17/18 season.

PES 2018 option file for PC 7.5

For all PC players, enjoy PES 2018 option file with corrected managers, stadiums and more fixes for leagues like Premiere league, Bundesliga, Skybet, Italian 2, La Liga and others. Kits and logos also included. Easy to install. Version InMortal 7.5.


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