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A brief overview of websites features and history:

  1. 26.6.2014 - domain registration
  2. 12.8.2014 - website launched
  3. 25.8.2014 - mobile website version has been launched


After moving from local language domain, we have created new and awesome website for international, english speaking fans ! After the few days, we started reaching hundreds of visitors every day !

We are experienced really well in writing about Pro Evolution Soccer !

For visitors interest, we have written more than 6000+ lines of code and hundreds of HTML, CSS and Javascript code. Website runs on high quality webhosting. We make things much better all the time and come up with unique and the best content about Pro Evolution Soccer !

The newest feature is mobile version site ! It's going about first PES website for smarthphones and similiar devices ! It's not full replacement of classic version of website, but it's focus on visitors, who read our great content, news, patches - edit and articles ! However it's still in 1.0 version.

Stay tuned for more great content, discuss, download stuff or share your own ! Thanks !

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