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Difference between PC and Xbox One - PS4

During an interview, Adam Bhatti confirmed a difference between PES platforms. The PES 2016 will look different on PC, especially game graphics will be not so good as on Playstation 4 or Xbox One, so the nextgen platforms. The same thing was last year during Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, unfortunately, the PC version was really close to PS3.

On the other hand, the sells for PC platforms are not so bad so let's hope that next years will improve computer platform quality.

Also there are information about nextgen, Xbone One and Playstation 4 which will be running soccer on 1080p and probably 60 FPS. What a fantastic experience it will be.

Fully licensed teams of Spanish league

There will be 20 fully licensed teams of the highest Spanish league, La Liga. Teams will be from 2015/2016 seasons. There are no more information about stadiums licenses as last year, there were only couple licensed stadium after the Konami lost rights.

Sharing option file on PS4

It's not official yet, but there is a little clue, that sharing an option file on PS4 will be possible. As it was last year, you could share stuff on Xbox 360 and PS3. Also couple new screenshots from edit mode which will bring some new things to do.

pro evolution soccer 2016 edit mode

pes 2016 edit mode


Neymar Jr. v plnej kvalite

Reworked face of FC Barcelona, Neymar Jr. look brilliant. He will be also one of the little group of players who has a tatoo (just on the neck). We wish that all players would look like this, superb quality.

pes 2016 neymar

pro evolution soccer 2016 neymar




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