First impressions after playing demo from fans

If you already haven't tried Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 demo version, just go ahead, download and play. Game is available for 2nd day for all platforms, including PC. Windows users had to wait a bit longer but PES 19 appeared on Steam on time anyway. We read some fans comments on reddit to bring you the most interesting facts. There're also positive and negative reactions, but let's wait for full version of the game, which used be a bit better with less issues.

  • Is the soccer game same as last year ? Somebody says yes, others no, it's only up to you and what you feel when you play.
  • Improved gameplay, better ball feeling and control, graphics - visual side of PES with audio also much better
  • AI is more real, no dummy passes and holding the ball on own side, many interceptions from your teammates
  • Lack of fouls from opponent, dribbling and beating an opponent could be really hard, AI used to play without any foul, unrealistic accuracy
  • Only 5 minutes long matches, a bit shame from Konami
  • If you experience stuttering, try adjusting your settings, crowd or dynamic resolution helped as reported by user
  • Goalkeepers seem not to be improved in overall, still some issues
  • Online mode is great feature, bad some players experience lags (also depends on your internet connection speed and quality)
  • Menu graphics is missing more creativity
  • Stamina drains faster (will try out in longer matches)

pes 2019 graphics player

You could read some negative issues about the PES 2019 demo, but overall review is far better. Since 18 title, there are many things which got better, starting with offline mode, AI to game graphics and not the last thing, online experience. Smoother gameplay, much better teammate intelligence movement, visualisation and much more could persuade you to buy a new soccer game.



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