Details PES 2015

PES 2015 details

The main slogan for this year's Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, became the clear expression "The Pitch is Ours" ! This year, the game developers want to do a big breakthrough as every year. And what will be different? The Konami promises great moments in the game, focusing on the field and even better quality in graphics and visualization. Better gameplay experience should be ensured by Fox Engine, which we could see in previous PES 2014. Still not enough ? Enjoy soccer game on next-gen platforms, Playstation 4 and Xbox One owners will be surely satisfied !


 pes 15 screenshot

What will be new in this year's soccer ?

All in-game experience will be result created by two game studios. The centre of pes developing is situated in Tokyo, the other one and new one is in England, Windsor. Konami wanted to achieve a bigger participation of European developers on the game, create more realistic football also for local players, got back to old great gameplay values, and this was a main reason the create new studio on Great Britain.

Key elements like passing, shooting, player's control have been redesigned ! Bringing more realistic AI and control system is the main goal for this year !

Enjoy scoring goals

Fully new system of shooting will come with complete freedom play. Much better precision during shot and balls air path.

Better tactics

For example, just imagine superb counter attacks, improved goalkeepers saving reactions, stunning control over the goalkeepers area, really intuitive behaviour. Goalkeepers intelligence was not so good in pas years. Hope, things will change !

The final pass

Pass the ball, handle it and score goal. Much more settings and ways how to pass and score, better physics and realistic ball behaviour. Every game situation will be different and only you can influence the gameplay !

One vs. One situations

This feature was released in PES 13, however, new improvements are coming also this year. Better area coverage, more freedom and better options to create great position on the pitch and overlaps the opponent player.

Breathtaking in-game elements !

Awesome fast in-game response, use killing instinct of players you control ! Better players AI !

Precise control , how it's described on basics of players behaviour, players will run and find - cover much better area on the pitch. Let's attack really fast, keep strong defense ! Better tackles during defending an attacker, better control of attacking.

 pes 2015 screenshot

Improvements in Fox Engine

Unbelievable realistic players behaviour  - You're reading well, thanks to fox engine, more than 1000 players have been improved, their animations, game styles, behaviour, like in real life ! Faces emotions, tackles and much more ! Referees decisions were modified too.

Gameplay system, you just can't never know what will happen in upcoming seconds of the game.

pes 15 screen

Fans on stadium will have nicer animations, new effects.

New visualisations, changeable weather, quality grass on the pitch or limelight !

The best players from the real world will be also in this game soccer world !

PES ID, just imagine Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi, the same quality players, same behaviour will have players in the game.

Balanced gameplay will come up with new game settings, better options how to attack or defend.

Realistic abilities we can compare this feature to PES ID, ex. goal celebrations or other gameplay animations.

 pes 15 stadium

New interesting game features:

myClub is one extension for PES 15 Master Leaguge (PES 2015 ML) which create more options for players, club managers and define the process of players transfers, which can be influenced by various club agents, deals will be more interesting. Make a great deal, that both sides will be happy :)

This feature will be also in offline ML mode.

Live updates - Every week, your game will be updates with various players and teams stats for stuff from England, France, Italy, Spain and Brazil. If some player will have an injury or really good form, you will see it in-game. 

Players stats -  completely edited, great database of players and their abilities !

The pich environment can be set up ! Set the watering on the pitch or cutting grass and let's create great conditions for your home team !

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 will be released in autumn of 2014 for PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and next-gen. Other version are awaited too !

Stay tuned for more information !


 pes 15 screen gameplay


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