Best PES patches

EvoWeb Patch v7.0

New version comes with fix v1, containing kit updates and faces. EvoWeb PES 2020 Patch 7.0 is compatible with the latest konami datapack, adds 40 new legends, new kits, updated Bundesliga lineups and many another tweaks.

PES 2020 PTE EvoWeb Patch 6

New updates for Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 in updated version of PTE EvoWeb patch 6. Updated database structure, compatibility with Konmai datapack 6.0 and much more.

PES 2020 PTE EvoWeb Patch 5

New updates for Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 in updated version of PTE EvoWeb patch 5. Full compatibility with konami datapack 5.0, fixes and new features.

PTE EvoWeb Patch 3.5

First PTE EvoWeb patch release in 2020. Fully compatible with latest datapack and Konami PES 2020 patch. Updated teams, minifaces, coaches and other team data.

EvoWeb Patch Version 2.1

Included Konami Datapack 2.1 and the latest live update for PES 2020 in new release of EvoWeb PTE Patch will make your soccer just so better. Play with real teams and players.

PES 2020 SmokePatch 20.0

First version of SmokePatch for PES 2020 with upcoming future releases as there are available game slots. Including Datapack a updated season 19/20.

PES 2020 EvoWeb Patch PC 1.0

First full version of popular PES 2020 PTE EvoWeb Patch 1.0 for PC with many updates for season 19/20. Corrected licenses for teams and leagues.

PS4 Option files - September #updated

Updated list of PES 2020 PS4 options files for September, import data files into your game and play with original licensed players, teams, stadiums and other other content.

PES 2020 PTE Patch - First version

First updated version of PES 2020 PTE Patch which will be also known as Evo-Web will contain licenses for unlicensed content like players, teams, stadiums and various stats.

Pro Evolution Soccer news

Official news, PES 2021 will be released as season update for lower price

There were no official news for long time from Konami but now, it's official this year, PES 2021 will be released as season update with same core features as it was last year. Watch trailer to see upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer game.

PES 2020 demo released - eFootball

Check out available teams in fresh eFootball - PES 2020 demo which has been released on the last day of Jule for Xbox, PS4 and PC (Steam).

TOP 10 features for upcoming PES 2020 from E3

As every year, Konami announces great news and features for Pro Evolution Soccer. This year it will be about eFootball 2020 for PC, Xbox and Playstation.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 full game released

Today, on the August, 28th, full game of PES 2019 is being released for PC Steam, Xbox One and PS4 in US for download. In upcoming days, other parts of world will be available too. Check the latest information and do not miss a chance to buy a game.

First impressions after playing demo from fans

Do you think about trying to play the newest demo version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 ? Read first fans impressions, how they compare game to previous titles.

Demo out on August 8th with online mode also for PC

We are glad that this year we can enjoy PES 2019 also for computers in advance. Demo is coming for PC, Xbox and PS on August 8th. Check information how to download game for your platform.

PES 2019 PC HW requirements

Will be your computer powerful enough, so you can fully enjoy PES 2019 ? Check released PC hardware requirements, minimum and maximum, including information about CPU, RAM and graphics card.

PTE Patch 2018 3.0 AIO

Fully licensed Bundesliga, Serie B, new kits for Napoli and Benfica. Updated for mini-faces, tattoos, scoreboards. PTE Patch 3.0 for PES 2018 includes officialn Konami Datapack 2.0 and last live update.

PES Smoke Patch X14 10.1.4

Many corrections in Smoke Patch X14 10.1.4 including real coaches, fixed CLS emblems, DP2 stadium compatibility. New teams, stadiums and also the newest Konami Datapack 2.

Smoke Patch 2018 10.1.3

News teams, replaced in-game PAS league with Chinese Super league. PES 2018 Smoke patch 10.1.3 fully integrates official Konami Datapack 2. More fixes and new teams also in this vesion.


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