Pesedit 2015 patch info

Pesedit authors have made quite a big decission this year. There won't be released any pesedit patch this year. Patch was released regularly since 2009 and it's looks like, this year was the last one, also PES 2014 was the last title for which players could download this edit.

There were more reasons, like working on release consumes really much time and after all, other people used to copy their files and release a new patch under their name. Also, various uploads on other servers have been made, so authors lost quite much from revenue.

Their opinion on PES 2015 is not good at all, they see really huge difference between PES on PC and PS4 (next-gen), looks quite unfair from Konami.

And at the end, they thank all fans for support.

Anyway, you can find great PES 2015 patches on our website in edit section -  EDIT.

 16.07.2018    Patch  



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