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Let's look at some interesting things, we found out from previous gameplay videos and PES 2015 screenshots released on the internet. Most of the time, it's goind about various playtests, but anyway, game should be at gamescom code level, so it's almost sure, the same quality we will see during demo version play. After E3, fans were not so happy about game quality, but as they said, after gamescom, this game is unbelievable ! A huge progress has been dobe, everything is much better. Improved graphics and gameplay.

As you can see on screenshots, these are really similiar to demo or even final game ! Stay tuned for PES 2015 demo which will be released on 17. September 2014 !


pes 2015 general settings

General settings before match, difficulty settings, match length and other well known settings.


pes 2015 quick match

Choose your favourite team. This year, in-game menu graphics in PES will have blue colours !


pes 2015 match

pes 2015 game plan

pes 2015 game plan

Game plan, place, where you can set up various settings before match and create changes during math. Smaller difference to previous year is, that you cannot set free player position (set piece options), you will have to use formations, like 4-2-3-1. Noway to move you player where you want on the pitch. The reason is that developers work hard on this features, it should come improved next year. This formation is offensive.


pes 2015 allianz arena

PES 2015 stadium - Allianz arena !



PES 2015 soundtrack - Cold War Kids - Miracle Mile

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