PES 2018 release date

Amazon now offers pre-order of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. Release date has been set on 15.9.2017, so similiar date as during past years. There's no official information given but as we know, it will come in really short period. Also many players would like to see finally next-gen also for PC players, not just console ones. Will Konami make any changes this year ? There's a discussion about leaking PES 13 demo in past which lead to money lost for Konami and that's the reason why they don't focus so much on PC experience. 

We are expecting again major changes in gameplay bringing improvement in players controls, physics, better graphics details and some new stuff for online experience and game modes. What new licenses do u expect ? Let us know!

PES 2018 price

  • PC - 40,98 €
  • Xbox 360 - 50,98 €
  • Xbox One - 70,98 €
  • Playstation 3 - 50,98 €
  • Playstation 4 - 69,99 €


 20.06.2018    PES 18  



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