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PES 2018 E3 trailer

Konami has just released PES 2018 trailer from E3 conference with in-game footage including information about stadium, players and new improvements. Also if you pre-order the game, you can get bonus content.

PES 2018 teaser trailer

Konami have recently announced fresh PES 2018 teaser trailer with additional information about full trailer release date including some footage from actual soccer game. Are u excited ? Check out a video right now.

PES 2018 release date

PES 2018 release date has been recently set by Amazon bringing information about available platforms and price for pre-orders. Will Konami make any changes in game and release finally next-gen version for PC players ?

Konami partnership with Liverpool

Great news for all PES 2017 and Liverpool fans. Konami announced partnership with, what can we expect ?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 in-game screenshots

Enjoy new in-game screenshots that we have captured recently, players faces, menu graphics or favourite Champions League.

PES 15 official trailer

We were waitting quite a lot of time, but finnaly new official PES trailer has been released !

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 release date

Great news for all PES fans, game release date for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 has been already announced so we can look forwards to pre-order or buy game title on launch date which is similiar to previous years.

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